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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Devil's Crush TG16 Cheats

Sound test
Press Run, Select during game play to display the high score screen, then press Up, Down, Left, Right, I. Use I and II to play and stop the sound selections.

Sound mode
Pause game play, then press Up, Right, Down.

Unlimited balls
Enter AAAAAAHAAA as a password.

Extra balls
Enter NAXATSOFT1 as a password

Extra balls and points
Enter ASSHOLEFUK as a password for 68 balls and bonus points.

Enter DEVILSATAN as a password for 6 balls and 955,719,100 points

View ending sequence

Complete one of the following tasks to collect the corresponding bonus.

---Blue ball: Complete any bonus stage.

---Pink ball: Send ball through a tower after destroying all except one of the tower guards

---2,000,000 points: Send the ball into the crown without touching the slime roulette when putting it into play.

---100,000,000 points: Get the face to the last stage with your bonus tip points between 60 and 69, and have the bonus multiplier at 9.

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