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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

World Class Baseball (Also Known as "World Court Baseball") TG16 Cheats

Play as the Tigers
Hold Select and Run until both teams are chosen. Note that this only works if Player 1 activates the code first. Then choose a two player game


(The following was posted under the title "World Court Baseball")

Team Select
Select two player mode, the hold Select + Run until both teams are chosen.
Ninjas - E650
Apples - 7AB8
Stars - 8428
Towers - 8237
Winds - B595
Lords - 27F1
Fries - 91E3
Togas - 306B
Bears - 3233
Ducks - 99DB
Buddhas - 8ADB
Sharks - 68CO
Turbo Champs - 604A

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